HENSOLDT stands for pioneering spirit and high-end solutions. As a technology company for defence electronics, HENSOLDT drives innovation where the performance of modern defence systems is increasingly being decided: in the field of software-defined sensors and optronics, networking, and data analysis. The company finds the right answers to tomorrow’s threats based on its many years of experience of its customers’ deployment requirements and application scenarios. To further accelerate progress toward securing peace and freedom, HENSOLDT also relies on innovation partnerships with other tech players. For example, HENSOLDT’s integrated sensor solutions enable superior situational awareness as a prerequisite for comprehensive resilience.

Sensor Fusion

How sensor fusion with artificial intelligence is creating a clear picture

Electronic Combat

How “Kalaetron Attack” can equip the Eurofighter for electronic combat

Open-Source Intelligence

How open-source intelligence is contributing to a superior situation report

Artificial Intelligence

How HENSOLDT and “21strategies” are researching into the next generation of artificial intelligence