European Tech
with Global Reach

HENSOLDT stands for European strength and global ambition. Starting from the German home market, HENSOLDT is expanding its presence into more and more core markets and extending its international reach. Today, HENSOLDT is a strong European player and sees itself as an active shaper of the necessary deepening of cooperation in Europe’s defence sector. In this way, HENSOLDT contributes to greater efficiency and interoperability and assumes responsibility in key European projects that strengthen the European Union’s technological sovereignty in the defence and security sector. As a European technology leader, HENSOLDT engages in key research projects together with international partners and provides state-of-the-art solutions to advance armed forces worldwide.

The Eurodrone

How HENSOLDT is equipping the Eurodrone with central capabilities

The Fully Digital Multifunctional Radar

How HENSOLDT is driving the future of radar technology and engaging in European Defence Fund programmes

A New Semiconductor Technology for Defence Electronics

How HENSOLDT is tapping into a new semiconductor technology with European partners

Aerospace Technologies

How HENSOLDT is equipping international space missions and defending security in space