beyond Defence

HENSOLDT stands for solutions competence and for agility. Many of the company’s innovative technologies are also used in civilian applications beyond its core military business. With the inventive spirit of its employees, HENSOLDT can help overcome challenges in different areas and industries, provide more comprehensive security, and drive technological, economic, and social progress. In the civil security business, HENSOLDT develops new markets in a targeted and focused manner. In society, HENSOLDT is often involved in initiatives originating from this workforce – for example, when HENSOLDT products serve to protect nature or culture. HENSOLDT thus stands for a vital, innovative defence industry as the engine of tomorrow’s progress and technologies – in the military sector and far beyond.

Manufacturing Technologies
for Semiconductors

How HENSOLDT precision is enabling a new manufacturing technology for semiconductors

Electronics as 3D Printing

How HENSOLDT is bringing 3D printing to the electronics sector

Hydrogen Technologies

How HENSOLDT is making hydrogen safe

Safe Wind Energy

How HENSOLDT technologies are advancing the energy transition

Crime Prevention

How HENSOLDT technologies are supporting the work of law enforcement agencies

Protection of
Cultural Assets

How HENSOLDT can help protect cultural assets