Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has fundamentally altered the reality of security policy in Europe. In Germany, Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced a Zeitenwende, or “turning point,” just a few days after the outbreak of the war. It defines a seismic shift in the country’s foreign and security policies and demands a fundamental reorientation of German security and defence policies. On a larger scale, Europe is developing towards a military union and NATO is experiencing its renaissance.

Read here about how HENSOLDT with its technologies of today and tomorrow can contribute significantly to the buildup of the Bundeswehr’s capabilities and what the Zeitenwende means for HENSOLDT as a business.

Focus on the Zeitenwende

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CEO Interview

Interview with CEO Thomas Müller

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Zeitenwende in Corporate Steering: “It’s All about Shaping Growth Wisely”

A visit to the Ulm site with CFO Christian Ladurner and CHRO Lars Immisch