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Management Report and

Financial Statements 2022

HENSOLDT combines strong innovation with an attractive, robust business model. The macroeconomic environment in 2022 was shaped by high inflation, volatility all across the economy, and disruption in global supply chains. Even in this challenging context, HENSOLDT maintained its successful growth trajectory. The company recorded significant growth in revenue and income along with high profitability.

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Sustainability Report


For HENSOLDT, sustainability is not merely a strategy. The company sees it as an attitude and way of thinking. Whether with our products, sites, or supply chains, we take our responsibility toward the environment, society, and in terms of corporate governance seriously. Security is the foundation of a sustainable future and security is at the center of what we do every day.

The Sustainability Report provides updates on the progress and developments of the ESG Strategy 2026 and tracks the sustainability-related initiatives of all the company’s divisions.